Grinders and Wraps

Available wraps are Spinach, Sun-dried Tomato, Wheat, and White. Or choose a 6" homemade white grinder rolls that is made by our own bakery. We only use white chicken breast strips for all chicken grinders and wraps. Available toppings are lettuce, onions, tomatoes, pickles, oil & vinegar, oregano and American cheese. ☎ 1-413-667-3232

  • Raspberry Honey Mustard Chicken

    Raspberry Honey Mustard Chicken

    Wrap or 6" White Grinder
    $7.59 + tax
  • Ginger Wasabi Chicken

    Ginger Wasabi Chicken

    Wrap or 6" White Grinder
    $7.59 + tax
  • Sweet Chili Chicken

    Sweet Chili Chicken

    Wrap or 6" White Grinder
    $7.59 + tax
  • Pepper Jelly – Sweet Hot Chicken

    Pepper Jelly – Sweet Hot Chicken

    Wrap or 6" White Grinder
    $7.59 + tax
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